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Health Care Centers a Scam

What a scam. Read Michele Obama's Chicago hospital foundation reports. Her plan was to keep "the real world" out of real hospitals and shift them to "health care centers" staffed by nurse practitioners overseen by a doctor that checks in via "tele med" computer link. In Bandon, Oregon the Health center is a former strip mall doctor’s office with an extra 4 exam rooms. It is a "hospital" because it has a contract with a real hospital to get blood work tests. They are already classifying semi-trucks parking in store parking lots as "health care centers". Watch this local group to see how much money is wasted to take "learning and training seminars" to Vegas and Hawaii. More details on how DeFazio "helped expedite" the 501 c 3 status of a strip mall doctor’s office into a federally funded "health care center". In the stimulus bill they funded this scam with $20 BILLION WITH NO OVERSIGHT, and perpetual funding with no more messy public debate.  Details on-line at under Foundation Trilogy . over 156,517 . We need health care but not delivered by this group. What can be done is to take over their "not for profit" and use the funding properly. The board can be taken over by 8 civic minded individuals. What happens when you have a complaint about a “not for profit” not delivering required services?
Kitzhaber, Obama, Kulongoski, Defazio, Faye Stewart and the $1.7 BILLION fund

Oregon Democratic Governor and Congressman DeFazio involvement in cover-up of misuse of federal housing funds that resulted in a disabled woman being shot at 14 times by her landlord and being bullied, coerced and intimidated, publicly called a liar, by Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio.  Links to documents below.  Menacing charges against DeFazio (dem OR) currently underway by Coos Bay, Oregon Chief of Police.

10/13/2010 5:08 pm sent email to of the following;

If you watch the shooting video at you will notice that we tried to get Obama to look into this when he made his campaign stop in Eugene, he did not speak out against discrimination. Now Obama is stopping in Oregon to stump for Kitzhaber. We again will ask Obama to look into the now larger scandal involving Gov. Kulongoski, Peter DeFazio and Faye Stewart involvement in a $1.7 BILLION slush fund.

Gov, Kulongoski, along with Congressman DeFazio and Lane County Commissioner Faye Hills Stewart II all covered-up the HOME TBA, a federally funded housing program, removal of a disabled woman from the program using known bogus documents. The fake eviction of July 2006 never went to court.
Termination of HOME TBS by Nancy Waggoner Lane County
Governor Kulongoski relayed information from OHCS,  :gov smoking 1 red line   , : gov smoking 1 red line pg 2

The letter(gov smoking 1 red line) was sent Nov. 1 2006 to Peter Cogswell, Deputy Chief of Staff Governor’s Office from Rick Crager (then) Deputy Director Oregon Housing and Community Services copies sent to Victor Merced Director, Nancy Cain CRD Interim Administrator, Jodie Jones CSS Interim Manager, Mary Gentry HOME TBA Coordinator.

On the surface it appears that this letter is crafted so that all the State of Oregon participants will be able to “tell the same story” if asked about this incident.

What they didn’t realize is that I would be able to get a copy of this letter. The portion outlined in red on page 1 clearly documents that all concerned knew that there was no eviction in July of 2006. In one fell swoop, Rick Crager sets in stone that the State of Oregon and Lane County know for a fact that a bogus reason was used to remove a disabled woman from a federally funded housing program. What isn’t mentioned is that the document that the lawyer for the landlord used to attempt an illegal eviction was supplied by Lane County.

Email from the lawyer for the landlord
Dean Kaufman wrote: Mr. Bussey: What was sent to you is what I got from > Lane County when I requested a copy of the lease agreement. If you think > there is some other agreement, please produce a signed copy. Dean Kaufman

At that point Governor Kulongoski is just a recipient of the information, but Governor Kulongoski then drafts a letter to be sent to Oregon Congressional Delegation and Lane County District Attorney

Letter from Kulongoski To Congressman Peter DeFazio, (draft:  two pages scaned as one, made crooked on purpose ) ,
Carefully read and compare the subtle difference in wording in the last 2 paragraphs. The first draft is definitive “it is clear from the record” whereas the final draft is “Based on the information we obtained, we believe OHCS acted in good faith”

This clearly indicates that the governor’s office is aware that something is being cover-up but he still sends the letter to the Oregon Congressional Delegation and Lane County District Attorney. Sending this to the Lane County District Attorney is very odd.

Now don’t tell anyone that I was able to get the drafts of letters from the Gov’s office, don’t want to let them know that he has a “leaky filing cabinet. 

Defazio flyer
The incident involving Congressman Peter DeFazio (Dem Oregon) intimidating and coercing a disabled woman who was shot at 14 times by her landlord (Shooting video  ) while living in federally subsidized housing in Lane County is currently being investigated by 3 law enforcement agencies. See under “Foundation Trilogy” for extensive details transferring posts to  for easier reading. . This investigation also includes current Oregon Governor Kulongoski's involvement in the cover-up of the illegal removal of the disabled woman from the federally subsidized HOME TBA rental program that used known false documents. Documents listed are what we received from Oregon Governor Kulongoski’s office & the $1.7 BILLION in U. S. Federal Securities that mysteriously appeared in "The Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation" in 2007 ( ,  The Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation., IRS Form 990 2007 page 30 )

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